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Does it matter what computer type or browser I use for Precised?

To complete online courses, you will need access to a computer with a modern web browser, a working internet connection, word processing software, and disk space to save your work. Your browser should support graphics, run JavaScript and accept cookies. Portions of the courses may require Adobe Flash Player.
Course guidelines and materials are presented over the internet and require iframes and java capable browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Other browsers and operating systems may work correctly however, we are unable to guarantee that all features will work correctly with other browsers or versions of these browsers. If you experience problems with your course you may need to experiment with different browsers.

Who is a Visitor to the site

A Visitor is a Person who has access to the internet and therefore can view the site without requring a User-ID.

Who is a User of the Site

A User is a Person who has been provided with User Id credentials by the Admnistrator of the site to access the site per the access permitted via the assigned Role.

Do you need to be Technology Savy?

You only need to have basic web browsing skills to take the courses.

How will I know I am Enrolled

Once your User Id credentials are created, you should receive an email with instructions to log onto the site to access the course you have been enrolled for.

Virus Protection

Quality virus-protection software is recommended. This software is especially critical if you are accessing coursework from a computer on a network that is not protected by regularly updated virus-protection software.

Is there help available if I have trouble accessing the course?

For assistance with a specific course, your first resource is the instructor. Feel free to email the instructor with specific course-related questions. If you are having technical trouble or problems accessing your course, please leave us a short message via the Contact Us option in the Menu Bar.

How can clearing cache help?

When a site is visited for the first time, the browser saves some pieces of the site in the browser’s cache so that next time the browser can load the page much faster when the files are stored in its cache. This is a standard feature in all web browsers.
Most of the time enhancements to a website won’t be seen automatically, since the web browser is accessing a previously cached version of the website, and not the most up-to-date version. This can be an issue when you are frequently accessing a site and looking for updated display of information.
It is suggested that frequently cleaning out a web browser’s cache helps in retrieving the most updated content of the site. Clearing cache does not damage any information stored in a browser, instead it simply makes the web browser think that you have not visited a webpage before and fetches the most updated version of the site.
Steps for clearing cache are specific to the browser being used and is best to follow recommendations accordingly.


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