VB-SB is targeted at current and aspiring small business owners. VB-SB is suitable for high-school or college students as well as the general population. It is also appropriate for professionals who seek only enough business knowledge that will be required for new product launches. (High-school students and Freshman/Sophomores who take VB-SB as a formal course for 3-credits can do so with or without a project wherein a small business plan is developed). Besides Arithmetic, no major background is required. While conceptualizing, launching and running a small business in VB-SB, students cover major topics such as Strategy, Positioning, Marketing, Break-even Analysis, Accounting, Organization Behavior, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.


You have heard of this, "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care - Theodore Roosevelt." This simulation, VIR, rolls various disciplines into one. And in this new one subjects such as Emotional Quotient (EQ), Social Quotient (SQ), Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Inter-personal Skills, Communications and Professionalism are brought to life through vivid simulated scenarios.


VB-Entrepreneurship is targeted at current and aspiring entrepreneurs. These budding entrepreneurs may be graduates of or currently in college. Students currently in college may be of any major but graduate students should earn 3-credits and undergraduate students more. Offline development of business plan could be part of the course. In addition to the basic topics that are listed in the description of VB-SB, several others are integrated into the virtual entrepreneurial organization as it grows with all its trials and tribulations. Critical among these additional learning concepts are Research Methods and Data Analytics, Incorporation, Venture Financing and Capitalization Tables, Finance, Essential Business Laws, Digital Strategies and Analytics, HR, Leadership, Large Organization Behavior, Mergers and Acquisition and Initial Public Offering.


VB-College is targeted purely at College students. Besides all the learnings of VB-Entrepreneurship, VB-College incorporates learnings from the virtual organization's growth to a globally diversified public company. Thus, learnings on Labor Relations, Compensation, Benefits, Tax and Financial Reporting, Security Regulations. Macro-economic issues, Globalization, International Economics and Global Supply Chains are incorporated.


VB-Professional is a non-technical rendering of VB-College.


Virtual Law is targeted at the ordinary person, including high-school and college students and professionals. Virtual Law was developed because of the legal principal, "ignorance of law excuses no one". In the modern-day litigious society across the global, an average person needs to be educated about important and relevant laws. Virtual Law comprises topics such as Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Professional Negligence, Family/Divorce, Contract, Estate, Bankruptcy, Criminal, Constitutional.Civil, Environmental, Cyber, Entertainment, Construction and Immigration. In the Virtual Law simulation actors go through life and then 'life happens'. The reader plays the role of a judge. To arrive at verdicts and rulings, the reader is expected to know the laws. Such laws are available to the reader at a click of an icon.

And many more to come ...

Virtual History of Mankind – a simulation that aids in promoting
global understanding. A must for anyone interested in
interacting with people across the globe.

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